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NEW CD - Connections
  • NEW CD - Connections


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PICK UP YOUR COPY TODAY!! My newest release on Posi-Tone Records. I'm incredibly excited to share with you my latest recording as I explore the things that connect us. With a stellar line-up helping to make the music come alive, this is a project I'm extremely proud of. Get your copy today!

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Past Releases

The Contender (2013)

D-Clef Records

1. The Contender
2. El Pachuco
3. Don't...Can't...Won't...
4. Yesterdays
5. Para Los Muertos
6. My Cherie Amour
7. The Whit
8. Frida
9. Silver's Serenade
10. Little Giant
11. Tinte Latino

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Rivera Records

1. Morena
2. Boogaloo To You
3. The Unsaid
4. Hercules
5. Ice And Smoke
6. Grover St.
7. For Her
8. Beggar's Bagger
9. The Rose Window
10. Ice And Smoke (Reprise)

Available on:

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